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Oral Surgery

In Dental Medicine, Oral Surgery is the specialty dedicated to the diagnosis of alterations, lesions, oral pathologies and their treatment.

In our clinic, for the resolution of more complex cases, we have a multidisciplinary team that acts in a concerted and integrated way with Oral Surgery, so that we can find the ideal and more complete treatment plan.

We also have advanced technologies and techniques in the surgical area (conscious sedation, regenerative plasma, dental microscopy, digital planning, surgical guides, etc.).

To complement this specialty we have available in our clinic a Panoramic Orthopantomograph and CT, without which the diagnosis and detail of each case would not be as efficient and quick.

At Dr Hugo Madeira Clinic we perform the most varied types of surgery: extraction of teeth, removal of cysts and tumors, treatment of dental and bone deformities, treatment of disorders between the jaw and the skull or treatment of salivary gland diseases .

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