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Oral Health in Pregnancy

Pediatric follow-up during the 40 weeks of pregnancy is essential, at a stage where care should be refined, providing follow-up before, during and after pregnancy.

During pregnancy, changes occur at the hormonal and PH levels of saliva. These variations can trigger the degradation of oral health of the patients, as they reduce the natural protection of the teeth, leaving the gums inflamed and vulnerable to infections. If left untreated, these conditions can progress to more serious oral diseases, such as periodontitis. It is always preferable to treat (and yes treatments can and should be done during this phase) caries or situations of infection or inflammation than waiting for the baby to be born. Do not forget that everything is transmitted to the baby including bacteria, increasing the risk of complications during pregnancy.

On the other hand, in Dr Hugo Madeira clinic, these consultations also have a pedagogical component regarding the techniques, care and diet to be taken into account by the patients. If the food is not balanced at this stage, it may also increase the risk of caries.

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