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Dental Veneers

Aplying veneers consists of covering the teeth with ceramic ‘covers’ (veneers). These can be as thin as a contact lens, and will adhere to the surface of the tooth.

With this solution, teeth and veneers will become one, allowing corrections in the shape, volume and color of the teeth. This treatment is indicated for the correction of aesthetic imperfections, in cases of darkened teeth, excessively restored, filling of spaces between teeth and augmentation of small and fractured teeth.

At the Dr Hugo Madeira Clinic, before the veneers placement, each patient’s smile is drawn using the Digital Smile Design technique. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology the patient can actively participate in the design of his new smile.

After the digital smile design, each veneer is created individually, to the greatest detail, in order to achieve a perfect and natural result.

In addition to the aesthetic factor, this treatment also has advantages in terms of durability and functionality.

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