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Dental Implantology | Dental Implants

The total or partial absence of teeth has a very significant impact on our quality of life, compromising function and aesthetics, which has serious consequences for our physical and emotional health.

Implantology is the area of dentistry that is dedicated to the rehabilitation of missing teeth. This treatment consists of placing dental implants in the bone, functioning as a root in order to support the ‘new teeth’ which can be unitary crowns or fixed bridges, total or partial.

We have several options available, such as the full arch immediate loading treatment, this allows our patients to have their dental rehabilitation done in just one day.

The placement of implants will give the patient a definitive and complete solution to the problem of missing teeth, restoring the function, comfort and aesthetics of natural teeth.

In our clinic we use the most advanced techniques of implantology and work with leading brands worldwide, such as the Swiss Straumann, which provides us with high quality, biocompatible materials that reproduce the best of nature.

Our treatment protocols meet the highest international standards of excellence.

Get to know our Dental Implantology service, with the best professionals and technological equipment!

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