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Bichectomy is the name given to a plastic surgery that consists of the removal of two fat pockets, located on each side of the mouth, between the jawbone and the jaw – ‘Bichat balls’. These fat pockets are present in the body, regardless of the person’s weight.

The purpose of bichectomy is aesthetic and aims to reduce the volume of the lower part of the face, seeking to sharpen it, give it a more triangular shape by highlighting the cheekbones, resulting in a more harmonious and attractive face.

At Dr Hugo Madeira clinic we have a multidisciplinary medical team, professionals specialized in this surgery. In our clinic the bichectomy is intraoral, that is, the cut for the removal of the fat pockets is done inside the mouth. With this approach, there are no visible marks on the face and scarring happens more quickly.

The duration of the bilateral bichectomy procedure is usually less than 1 hour and done under local anesthesia. Due to its nature, the postoperative period of this surgery is practically painless, and in the same week the patient is ready to return to normal life.

Our treatment protocols meet the highest international standards of excellence. Get to know our Bichectomy service, we have some of the best professionals in Portugal!

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